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It was Eric's 4th birthday on Monday. Perfect excuse to dig deeper in what these 4 years of motherhood have meant for me from a feminist (and personal) point of view.
Iris Dares Designs shop is full of sparkle, unicorns, rainbows and tul and she owns the joy that all of it spark on many kids and parents! Iris Dares Designs is determined to change the narrative that tell us that you can't be badass just because you are wearing a tiara.
It is important to understand that a lot of the choices that we make are massively pushed by society, but it doesn’t mean that we need to reject them, we might actually love them! Being conscious of the way the world and society are built  is useful to make our choices more informed and broad.
Suicide rate among men has hit a two-decade high in England and Wales. So, I cannot make the topic about anything else this week, I am talking about this because this is a feminist topic.