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Feminist Content and Resources

Welcome to our dedicated feminist information hub and resource centre. We publish new articles and interviews in our blog every week and we're constantly scouring the web to provide you with curated recommendations for the very best feminist websites, videos, podcasts and social media out there. 

And all organised in sections just for easy browsing! What's not to love?

Micro Misogenisms Beer Women
Women and Sex Shhh
Women and Policy Fundamental Rights

We are interviewing the poet, writer, activist, performer and many more things Kyla Jenee Lacey, whose video "white privilege" has been viral on several occasions. 

Don't miss out her answers :) 

Things get ugly, really quickly in the internet. 

When we created The Feminist Shop, our main focus was to celebrate what we have in common rather than focus on our differences. And we stand by it. We can't insult each other on the name of feminism, we owe better to a movement that is about fairness.

If you go to Amanda's Instagram feed you will get your daily dose of colour, fun and optimism. Somehow she has managed to bottle the best of the summer vibes! So we were over the moon when she accepted to do our July collection.