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Thanks for coming here to get to know us a bit better!

Chris and I had the idea for The Feminist Shop in January 2019, when our eldest kid was just 3 and our youngest not even 1.

This venture has become a reality through many hours in front of the computer, but also in our kitchen table, in the car, while hanging the washing or on the way to buy more nappies. The fact that we did all this while having no sleep speaks volumes, we hope, about how much passion there is behind it!

We created The Feminist Shop because feminism is very (VERY) present in our family, and we wanted to spark and fuel conversations everywhere, to do our part!

We wanted to be more than a shop, we aim to be a brand that that represents people's values, that makes our clients proud and that equips you in many other ways in your own feminist journey. We want to be the feminist brand that advocates for learning together.

That is why we put at least as much time and energy into our free resources as we do our products! That's why we've created a content hub full of information and recommendations, to bring you great interviews and thought provoking articles.

But of course we are also a shop! One that we love ourselves! A big feminist book shop where you can find over 500 tittles that challenge, educate and inspire.

An ethical shop where apparel and gifts make statements and start conversations!

Thanks for being part of this dream of ours and hopefully The Feminist Shop can be part of your feminist journey.

(This is the manifesto we wrote just before launching the website. Our Why hasn't changed since and really helps keep us focused!)

We are feminist. We deeply believe in the need of equal rights and opportunities for everyone. And we know that is not a reality. YET. We are also committed in doing our part to work towards that real equality.

We know that all feminists have that in common. Some of us are angry, some of us are optimistic, some of us are focused on the big international issues, some of us have also declared war to the micro- misognysims we live every day. Some of us are women and some of us are not. But we are in this together.

We don't want this space to be a place to grant membership to a very exclusive and pure club, there is no exam and we are not here to tell you which kind of feminist you need to be.  What we DO want to be is the brand that help you through your journey, who gives you a community, who challenges your beliefs and invite you to think further or differently, we want to encourage you to start conversations, to educate others, to understand more and action it, to make the most of your feminism so you have more impact, we want you to feel part of something bigger than yourself but to do it in your unique way.

We want this space to be built within all of us, so tell us more. What else do you want? What else do you need to make your fight a better one? We are always happy to hear from you: