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    We are days away from International Women's Day, marches and demonstrations are now in the calendar and it is just a matter to start doing your placards and preparing your singing for the day! Here you can find our 30 favourite quotes for the day
    Today interview is with Sophia Khalid, the founder of "Girls Group Holiday" a project that wowed me from the minute I first heard her speak about it. She uses travelling as a way to grow, to build a community and to share with like-minded people. Focused on women of ethnic minorities every travel gets together a new group and new amazing experiences and bonds for each of them
    From Feminist hates men to Feminism is a VIP club we analyse the most common myths, trues and misunderstandings around feminism because if we spent all the time invested in explaining and justifying why feminism is ok in actually proactively supporting feminist measures we will be way ahead of the game.
    Today we are interviewing Hazel, blogger and Instagrammer, podcast host, mum of twins and passionate intersectional feminist. Internet is this amazing place where you are giving the possibility to find gems like her! 

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