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What Does Feminism Mean For The Feminist Shop?

What Does Feminism Mean For The Feminist Shop?

Feminism is choice. Feminism is equality. Feminism is understanding that we all are different, not because of our gender but because of who we are, and still defend that we all deserve the same rights and opportunities. Feminism is acknowledging that we are not there yet. Feminism is wanting to be part of the change that will make us arrive.

Feminism is looking around and feeling the pain of those who have it worse. Feminism is intersectional. It is diverse. It is inclusive. Feminism is creating tribes and communities, instead of labels and stereotypes.

Feminism is a lot of roads, paths and destinations and not a one directional journey.  Feminism is my son with his princess dress one day and playing big bad wolf another without anybody blanking an eye. Feminism is my daughter being praised for being smart and brave instead of being called pretty.

Feminism is understanding that we are biologically different, but our brains are in our heads, a fair distance away from those differences. Feminism is being empowered by those differences, not trapped.

Feminism is “I have your back” and celebrating women´s success as your own, amplifying and championing each other. Feminism is being aware that you can dislike a woman but not because of who she is as a woman, but because she is awful. Women can be awful too, and cruel, and mean, and manipulative and fucked up. Feminism is understanding that women also make amazing villains.

Feminism is respecting consent and educating about it. Feminism is choosing to believe her because deep down you know something happened, and because it happened to #metoo.

Feminism is giving a voice and then listening to it. Feminism is awareness, it is being upset but also hopeful, being accountable for your role in changing history.

Feminism is all of us. With our stories, with our experiences, with our constant growth, the way we are building and fuelling a movement to be proud of, a movement of respect and love. Feminism is all of us.

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