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Feminism in Numbers

It's all in the data. And it will blow you away...

Let's remove any subjectivity, let's look at the numbers. Every day there are more and more studies backing up the reality we keep talking about: real equality doesn't exist yet. Nothing gives you more leverage in a debate that some irrefutable statistics. Because data is not a man hater. Data is the most objective way we have to prove a reality and then change it!

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Welcome to our recommended content section. Below we've grouped together a fantastic range of recommended sites, content, audio, video and social media that provide data for your feminist discussions. Keep scrolling to get started...

Inspirational Websites & Content

World bank data: Gender logo
World bank data: Gender
The Gender Data Portal is the World Bank Group’s comprehensive source for the latest sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics covering demography, education, health, access to economic opportunities, public life and decision-making, and agency
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Economic inequality by gender
Economic inequality by gender
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UN Women Watch
UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. Amazing content and reliable data
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OECD: gender data
The OECD Gender Data Portal includes selected indicators shedding light on gender inequalities in education, employment, entrepreneurship, health, development and Governance, showing how far we are from achieving gender equality and where actions is most needed
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A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle

Irina Dunn

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Short Videos to watch

Caroline Criado Perez on Invisible Women
The world has been designed with a male bias in ways we may not notice at first but once you crunch the data, as Caroline Criado Perez has, you begin to see it everywhere. She popped in to show how toilets, transport and even the mobile phone in your hand are inconveniencing, harming and even causing the deaths of women across the globe
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Gender Equality: Now
Gender inequality doesn’t make sense on any level. Promoting gender equality can reduce extreme poverty and hunger and boost shared prosperity for girls and boys, women and men, around the world.
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Sexual misconduct in 2017: The damning statistics
Sexual harassment and sexual assault are serious crimes that often go overlooked and unpunished. In a 2017 study, approximately 54% of women said that they personally experienced unwanted sexual advances
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Why are women paid less than men? | The Economist
The gender pay gap is not caused by women earning less than men for the same job. It is largely because women choose different careers and suffer a “motherhood penalty”’
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Women in business and business education: The stats
We take a look at some statistics from QS and other sources to find out if the pace of change towards gender equality is fast enough.
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Women In Business UK - UK Gender Equality - Gender Equality: A How-To Guide
Encourages women in business and nurtures change in society. It applauds and rewards working women who are so often starved of adequate recognition and workable life-balance.
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UK Gender Inequality Explained With Cereal
Ramelle investigates the gender gap in work and education within the UK and explains further appalling statistics - with cereal.
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Do you know what gender inequality at work looks like?
Advert from the mayor of London about gender inequality.
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Gender inequality and the pay gap
As part of our 'Equality, inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace' series, we researched how gender inequality and the pay gap affects working men and women in the UK.
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Tackling gender equality in the United Kingdom
Women in the UK fall behind in terms of gender parity as they enter adulthood, the workforce, or become parents, but change can come by focusing on several priority areas.
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Invisible Women: In Conversation with Caroline Criado Perez and Helen Lewis
At this Fawcett Society event, Caroline Criado Perez, award-winning campaigner and author of Invisible Women, and journalist Helen Lewis came together for a powerful and provocative conversation on how the gender data gap shapes our world.
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Caroline Criado Perez on Invisible Women at 5x15
15 minutes of Caroline Criado Perez speaking on invisible women.
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Women are not small men
Why do women feel flat despite eating well and working out the same way as their male colleagues? The answer lies in gender bias.
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Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women

Maya Angelou

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Curated lists of where to get your best feminist fix on Social Media. If you've any suggestions of must haves for this new Social Media section or indeed any of the other sections on this page, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to get them reviewed and added.

Catalyst is a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women.
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OECD: gender data
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She Should Run
She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office. #250Kby2030
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Five for Feminism
Every week(ish) I'll be visualizing a different topic on feminism and donating $5 to a related charity supporting women's rights.
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I would have girls regarding themselves not as adjectives, but as nouns

Elizabeth cady Stanton