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I have passed the mic to Mark Gray to hear his opinions about men and feminism. Men need to talk with other men about these topics in a safe space
International Men’s day is the 19th November 2020 and we didn’t want to let the opportunity go without celebrating men. We want to join the all the amazing voices using this occasion to raise awareness about men's mental health and damaging stereotypes. We will smash the patriarchy for men too!
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Suicide rate among men has hit a two-decade high in England and Wales. So, I cannot make the topic about anything else this week, I am talking about this because this is a feminist topic.

I wanted to talk in this video about situation in which there is no rape but things are still wrong. Situations in which there is one part coming home feeling guilty and ashamed and it is often the wrong  person.  This is a story to show men the part of the story that they are missing and how important is to be aware of the other half.

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This topic is genuinely fascinating. There are a vast array of opinions about the concept of 'women and children first'. There are distinctly different ways to analyse it and use it for one side of the argument or the other. This definitely makes it worthy of its own blog post.

Living together is not always easy. Adulting, in general, is not always fun, but when in a couple (and even more so if there are kids or other dependants) some of the chores multiply. It also multiplies the workforce, one should be thinking, but it doesn't always feel like it.

We have designed some easy activities to start conversations, show you what works in your couple, and how to create more of it. 

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We have designed this short quiz to help assess how happy you and your partner are with the sharing of the household chores.

It's the perfect opportunity to start a constructive conversation, celebrate what is working and make some tweaks to the things that can get better!

We couldn't keep going with the interviews without properly introducing ourselves and give the same insight that we ask others to give!
So here you can find Chris' interview and a bit more of his feminism, journey and vision for The Feminist Shop. 
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