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    We are days away from International Women's Day, marches and demonstrations are now in the calendar and it is just a matter to start doing your placards and preparing your singing for the day! Here you can find our 30 favourite quotes for the day
    • 2 min read
    Today interview is with Sophia Khalid, the founder of "Girls Group Holiday" a project that wowed me from the minute I first heard her speak about it. She uses travelling as a way to grow, to build a community and to share with like-minded people. Focused on women of ethnic minorities every travel gets together a new group and new amazing experiences and bonds for each of them
    • 5 min read
    From Feminist hates men to Feminism is a VIP club we analyse the most common myths, trues and misunderstandings around feminism because if we spent all the time invested in explaining and justifying why feminism is ok in actually proactively supporting feminist measures we will be way ahead of the game.
    • 3 min read
    Today we are interviewing Hazel, blogger and Instagrammer, podcast host, mum of twins and passionate intersectional feminist. Internet is this amazing place where you are giving the possibility to find gems like her! 
    • 6 min read

    Feminism is about choices. It is about informed choices. It is about socially respected and supported decisions made by women.

    Breastfeeding is a personal decision. It's something that a woman decides to do, or not to do, with her body. But how to nourish your baby is a decision that is not informed enough, not respected enough and not supported enough. 

    • 3 min read
    Jennie Wallace is the Co-founder of Breastival, the Movement that wants to change the way breastfeeding is perceived in Northern Ireland and support mums in their experience. Insight of her vision and her feminist thoughts.
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    We need to talk about periods the same we talk about any other reality of our natural bodies, from farting to headaches, from brushing our teeth to having to pee badly. Although that also highlights the problem that firstly women have to be portrayed as humans with all the needs and the bodily functions and yet can't if they want to be perceived as sexy - which we all know is the *only* goal of our existence.

    Be healthier, do more sport, quit that annoying habit, rest... but why not also add some feminist new year's resolutions, even if just one, to the goal list for 2020? Here are some ideas if you want some inspiration..
    • 4 min read

    Christmas is officially here, and it is a extrange period in which people tend to suddenly travel back in time and with the excuse of "tradition" allow things to happen that they would never allow otherwise.

    It is a bit of a trap, but here are our 10  tips to add feminism to the festivities!

    • 5 min read
    Confessions of an angry feminist about how old me used to hate the word, the concept and everything about it. Here is why and why I was wrong.