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As evil as it is hanks to social media we can share a laugh, feel connected, challenge what we believe in and be better. I know that the TInder Translators account has made me both laugh hard and be better! So I am thrilled to have discovered more about the woman behind the account and to have the privilege to shout about her!
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There is a lot of power in the words we use to describe ourselves. 


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Elena Lersch is the artist behind our autumn collection. Check her interview to know more about her, her feminist views, why she chose the Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network as the associations linked to her collection and much more
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It was Eric's 4th birthday on Monday. Perfect excuse to dig deeper in what these 4 years of motherhood have meant for me from a feminist (and personal) point of view.
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It is important to understand that a lot of the choices that we make are massively pushed by society, but it doesn’t mean that we need to reject them, we might actually love them! Being conscious of the way the world and society are built  is useful to make our choices more informed and broad.
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One of the top 33 inspiring women, one of the top 20 African women, contributor of UN, Tedx speaker and I could go on and on...learn more about Candice Mama and her views on feminism!

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I wanted to talk in this video about situation in which there is no rape but things are still wrong. Situations in which there is one part coming home feeling guilty and ashamed and it is often the wrong  person.  This is a story to show men the part of the story that they are missing and how important is to be aware of the other half.

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If you are in Northern Ireland and you are a feminist you most likely know Kellie Turtle. She lives and breathes feminism, she is in the middle of rallies, grassroots organisations, social media debates and basically any initiative related to feminist activism.

So I am beyond delighted to bring her words to the website for you all to hear more about her and what she is all about!

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Niamh is a young woman herself and she has made it her purpose in life to help others like her to find their voice, goals and worth in a world in which seems like there is one way only to be successful. 


We can't agree more with the idea of women following their passions, being fulfilled personally and professionally and redefining what success is for them.

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Jennifer is an academic, tandem-feeder, walk-lover mum and feminist and the co-founder of Breastival!

Check her really well articulated and very clarifying opinion about breastival, the links between breastfeeding and feminism, and her own feminist journey

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Allyship: A lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people. not self-defined—work and efforts must be recognized by those you are seeking to ally with.

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