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The Divine Feminist


Our world is out of balance; so far out of balance we've almost forgotten there was ever an alternative.

We know the age-old story of oppression of the Goddess in favour of a patriarchal force, and the ways that same story has played out over the centuries and generations to impact upon all those who identify as women.
But what if we were to step back from that story and look at the ways it plays out more broadly too and how we - and our planet - are suffering as a result.

Divine Feminism invites us to look deeper at this inequality, and consider the ways that all things considered "feminine" have been treated as less than over the centuries and generations.

This book is your invitation to reconnect with those aspects within and for ourselves and the world; to find the sacred balance and flow that lies beyond the dualities society has inflicted upon us and allow them to bring you not only back to yourself, but to a life that helps you remind the world there is another way.

Ceryn Rowntree is a Therapist, Coach and host of the Divine Feminist podcast. A practicing witch and medium, she lives with her dog Kali in Northumberland, UK and is never happier than when the two of them are walking in the woods together.