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Irrepressible: 12 Principles for courageous living

Questions about a woman's place are being asked in all areas of society. Cathy Madavan aims to cheer women on, to give them courage, to create awareness about their potential and to challenge them to keep `lifting the lid'. We are surrounded by women who make a difference.

Some thrive in a board room, some in a pulpit, some in a nursery. Some are wired for deadlines, others for creativity. But every woman will influence those around her.

How do we learn from others without simply aping or imitating those we admire? Do we have the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to know that the very people who frustrate us are often the ones we need most?However, most women also wrestle with confidence, knowing their identity and place, juggling their lives and managing expectations. This book equips and empowers women. It encourages them to be an irrepressible positive influence and a voice for others.

It is a resource and treasury, with principles, stories and insights. Cathy addresses her topic through a series of penetrating questions. What are your personal values and vision? What is your true character? Are you a thermometer, measuring the climate, or a thermostat, setting the temperature? Where does self-assurance come from, and how does it differ from arrogance? Who are your role models? How do you counteract stereotypes and sticky labels? Are you investing in self-leadership, in personal development? How do you build your core relationships, and widen your circle? Do you have healthy boundaries, and the ability to say no? How can you develop resilience? How can you create balance between work and life, exterior and interior?