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Feminist Mug -There will be no revolution without childcare

We are proud to have brought to life this campaign! We want to shout to the world that childcare needs to be at the forefront of any feminist revolution!

This mug is the ideal way to kick off some proper feminist conversations at work or at home - a great gift for yourself or your feminist (or not feminist yet) friends!

  • Beautiful 11oz mug
  • Glossy white finish
  • Dishwasher, microwave and patriarchy safe.


This is a sneak peak, but If you want to read more about the passion behind the campaign read it here:

"The time that we are too tired surviving, we are not advancing in our careers and accessing more power. The energy that we dedicate to making numbers and calculating how many days is the maximum number of days that we can afford to send kids to childcare, we are not using for resting, connecting, and growing. The resources that we pour into those first years, we are not using to demand better and challenge the status quo.

And we will do it nevertheless with our slings and prams, asking for help from grandparents, and ordering takeaway again unable to face a decision on what to cook tonight. We will make a revolution by regrouping, complaining, voting better, being angry and utilising our frustration, by learning in blog posts or social media bite-size tools about feminism and our rights. And we will start by demanding accesible and quality childcare because, let's be honest, how much faster would this feminist revolution be if we had fucking childcare?"


Order yours today to start conversations and make a beautiful statement, in style!