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A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistance : A Handbook on Feminism and Fighting for Good

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From the Executive Editor of the Women's vertical of Huffpost, this gifty guide to activism is the perfect present for young feminists and long-time observers looking to enter the fray. A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistence is a complete, illustrated guided for self-care and activism in Trump's America by Emma Gray, the brilliant and dynamic Executive Women's Editor for Huffpost. The book will include: * Background information on key issues so you can choose where you most want to take a stand.

* A guide for navigating the world of "fake news" and making sure you're getting quality information. * Practical instructions on how to get involved and stay involved, with examples from the author's own experience organizing the successful "Watch Us Run" conference. * Instructions for how to talk to your friend who says she's "just not that political." * Advice for self-care and how to stay involved without losing your mind.

* Includes numbers to call, organizations to email and donate to, and scripts for reaching out to representatives and organizations. * Interviews with experienced activists including senator Elizabeth Warren, actress Amber Tamblyn, actress Ashley Judd, actress Marlo Thomas, Women's March Co-Chair Carmen Perez, Mother of the Movement Lucy McBath, Black Lives Matter creator Alicia Garza, People for Bernie Founder Winnie Wong, and former assistant to President Obama Tina Tchen. Featuring original 2-color illustrations throughout by New York Magazine's Eva Hill, A Girl's Guide to Joining the Resistance illuminates why the time has never been more important than now to get involved in helping to ensure women's rights are protected for the current and future generations of women.