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F by Niamh

We are tired of boobs being sexualised and constantly judged! We want to reclaim boobs, no matter how they look like, as an empowering part of who we are. We get to choose if we want to show them, hide them, enjoy them erotically, use their superpower to feed with them, all of the above or none! Your boobies your rules!

We joined forces with the stylish fashion designer @niamhmaguire19 to create this exclusive collection, reclaiming boobs of every size, shape and colour to be celebrated and empowered!

Read our interview with Niamh to find out more about her and what is behind this design :) 

Breastival exists to normalise, support and celebrate breastfeeding as part of everyday life! And this is the association that we are sharing part of the sales with for this collection!