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Let's talk Sorority!

Let's talk Sorority!

Let's talk sororité, sisterhood! The relationship and affiliation between women, proactively supporting each other.
My Feminist journey is bringing me so many good things (like freedom, self acceptance, perspective...) And so many painful ones (accountability, awareness, anger, distance with old friends...) But one of the most import and empowering one is sorority!
The narrative they want us to believe is that women hate women, that we are mean with each other,. competitive and jealous. But nothing further from the truth! Despite the huge effort of society in making us believe so, despite many shows, films, jokes and books talking about queen bees, and mean girls and claiming that "I am not like the others" is the ultimate compliment, the reality is that women LOVE women.
We love cheering for each other, supporting each other, talking and listening, and helping. We are more than ever recognising ourselves as part of something bigger and forming a worldwide gang. We are also demanding better and learning from each other, and we NEED to keep each other accountable and challenge each other to grow and be better. That is also love.
Every time I share some good news online I get so many honest comments from real happy women, smiling behind their screens, cheering for me. Every time I see one of them achieving goals, or winning at life I get infected by their happiness and pride. I want a world full of badass happy women owning their success, loving themselves and changing the world!
Every time one of us hurt we all feel the pain, because a lot of the time it comes from the same root than our pain. Maybe we have been there, maybe we have felt it in many other women around us before. It is a pain that we recognise as ours.
That is how we win. That is how we dismantle the things that are not working, with this empowering, fun and real love for each other. Having each other's backs. Women listening, watching, speaking, supporting, educating, challenging other women. Determined to make the world s better place not leaving anyone behind. Because if we don't use this energy to include and to shout about intersectionality, then we haven't yet learnt enough.

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