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Interview with COVID19

Interview with COVID19

Just to clarify, we do take this very seriously, we have been in self-isolation for 10 days now and with my sister being a doctor in Spain and both of us being self-employed and severely hit by the financial side of it we understand the gravity of the virus. We just want to bring an optimistic and a bit of a fun view of it all while focusing on the food for thought of each situation. Stay home, and wash your hands!

I must be losing my plot with all of this, but I was thinking that the biggest interview, the biggest celebrity and influencer at the moment is COVID19. The one hot search in google and the one everyone is talking about. 

I want to share a bit of this nonsense with you all and give you the ultimate feminist interview with the virus itself! Because we can have a feminist vision for almost everything!

*** what is COVID19?

I am basically a virus, and my speciality is to cause an illness that can affect your lungs and airways. I come from the family of the coronavirus, but like in any other family, we are all a bit different if you know what I mean, so I would rather be called by my whole name and not the family name as I feel my success comes mostly from my own talent.

I think a lot of my fame is because of the lack of exact knowledge around me, so excuse me If I play my Bansky card and don’t give too much away…  I don’t want to break the spell.

*** What is the biggest impact you had?

Well, I have to start by saying that I didn't expect to have such a huge impact at all, it is almost overwhelming. At first, I thought it was going to be something local, mostly Wuhan, where I am originally from. But word of mouth was amazing, and people kept passing it around, and here we are, worldwide pandemic in record time! I couldn't have done it without all the people that helped me in such a rapid spread, so I want to use this opportunity to say a big thanks!

I also want to add, while speaking of the impact that although health was my main focus, I am achieving an unexpected and HUGE (unprecedented, if I can say so myself) results in the economic side of it all.

*** what is your biggest challenge as a feminist?

My biggest challenge is to avoid being used to reinforce unfair structures. I hope, instead, that society will take advantage of the opportunity I’m presenting to challenge and destroy such structures.

I started this project just to try and create a bit of shock and shout about things that weren't working and facilitate the time off and perspective to put new values in place. I am now worried about how this unexpected success may be misused in the hands of poor leaders and established patriarchal roots. But hey, we can just hope for the best

*** How did you get started and where are you going, what is the big vision?

It was a coincidence, one of the things that wasn't meant to happen, but here we are some months later!

But I guess it offers a good opportunity to sit down and think. Because if we are honest things weren't working, right? The world was too fast, people were careless, the differences were getting accentuated, health systems were taking all the shit from bad politicians and it all felt a bit confusing.

I kept hearing good people constantly finding excuses about lack of time if, and the connections seemed a bit faked and rushed, and priorities not well thought or clarified...So, there you go, a bit of grounded time in the naughty step to think about what you all have done.

And this is our questionnaire:

What is Feminism for you?

Feminism is equality…I don’t have a particular focus of where I go or spread to. Young, old, rich, poor, white, black, woman, man. I still can see the privilege, don't get me wrong. I see how the measures in place from different households with different incomes have different results and how to some people it hits harder. I hope it brings an opportunity to reflect on it all, in the privilege in times of crisis. I see how ageism or ableism have taken a big hit but my feminist goal all along was to show that you are all part of the same team, and when something like this happens every person is a person.

Which “everyday sexism” really bothers you?

Women expected to do all the caring because of me! I knew it will a take a bit for people to realise (don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to analyse these and other factors) but I was really upset when the first thing that happened is that women got all the emotional and mental load of the caring!

Who is your biggest feminist role model?

I guess while we are in a twisted mindset, that I am very inspired by the First World War and how women used it to take over some positions of power and workforce areas previously dominated by men, to achieve freedom and being recognised as citizens and not women. That gave them more strength and a better position to demand the right to vote and smash some of the previous conceptions around them and a lot changed because of it.

What is your favourite Feminist quote?

“We can do it”

What is your proud feminist victory?

Well, it is very early stages yet, but there can be big outcomes!

I am envisioning more people using the time to learn, and observe, connect and analyse.

I am thinking about wives realising that they may be carrying more load even when both are at home and demanding a change, men allowing themselves to be vulnerable, economic situations put at risk so families can see everyone as a valuable asset both as bread earners and homemakers with the kids being home 24/7.

I am seeing more flexible and part-time positions after this for every gender, more facilities for people with physical disabilities to rise in the power chain as work from home will be proven doable.

Less ‘warming seats' at work and more results-orientated approaches.

Much more societal appreciation for roles before considered low skilled and almost marginalised.

Healthy debates and slower pace about everything. Focus on what is important. An enhanced sense of community.

What is your feminist recommendation?

What is your feminist call of action to whoever is reading?

Use this time as an opportunity to put things in perspective. What is really important? What are you going to change once my tour is over? What are you going to give back?


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Sinead Sharkey

Sinead Sharkey

March 25, 2020

A fun way to highlight the inequalities that can be reinforced by a pandemic!

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