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Interview with Candice Mama - Author, Kindness Activist and Forgiveness Advocate

Interview with Candice Mama - Author, Kindness Activist and Forgiveness Advocate

I must confess, one of my favourite things about what we are building in The Feminist Shop is our Feminist Interviews. I have the huge privilege to showcase the voice of amazing people with inspiring stories and points of view. I am learning so much!

Candice Mama is a perfect example of this! I contacted her in tears after watching her TEDx talk and I am nothing but proud to be able to share a bit of her feminism here!


You are quite impressive! One of the top 33 inspiring women, one of the top 20 African women, contributor of UN and I could go on and on…but in your own words who is Candice Mama

You too kind thank you. I am just a woman who is striving to leave the world better than she found it. I found that working in the field of forgiveness and the humanitarian field gave me the ability to show people that they have power no matter their race, sex or sexual orientation. We all hold the power to become exactly who we want to be

Your recent Ted Talk is extremely powerful and tells your story in such an impactful way. What is the big goal? What is that you are trying to achieve?

I am so happy you enjoyed it, the goal is truly to show people that no matter what happens to you, you have the power to define your story and no-one else does. So when you choose to forgive you choosing to take back your power

I think your message of forgiveness is very relatable to feminism. What are your 2 cents on the mix of both?

Absolutely, forgiveness and feminism are both about owning your space in the world and choosing to direct your own narrative and not have it directed for you

What is next? Where can we find more of you and what are you working at the moment that we shouldn’t miss?

There are so many projects that I am currently working on and people can keep up with them on my website or my social media. However, the one project that I believe will benefit people is my Podcast “Coffee with Candice”a space I bring powerful and influential people on to help us all reach our highest potential

And here is our Feminist Questionnaire

What is Feminism for you?

Feminism is each and every person owning their space in the world and knowing that regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religious belief that every person deserves equal rights, equal pay and a space to be heard

Which “everyday sexism” really bothers you?

I have to be honest and say the one that impacts my earning capacity. If I deliver the same value or product as my male counterparts I deserve equal pay and recognition

Do you remember when you start identifying as a Feminist and why?

I think it was a subconscious shift, simply because I have always believed that every human being deserves to be seen, heard and respected. However when I started using the term feminist, would probably be my late teens.

Who is your biggest feminist role model?

There are so many, Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Angela Davis and I cannot leave out Gloria Steinem

What is your favourite Feminist quote?

There are two:
  • “I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”― Madonna
  • “Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”― Sheng Wang

What is your proud feminist victory?

Possibly working with women in creating various projects and organisations would be a big one. On a personal front refusing to accept jobs whereby my male counterpart is being paid more and taking jobs whereby another women have been unfairly treated

What is your feminist recommendation?

  • Book:  The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney AND The Women’s History of the World by Rosalind Miles
  •  tv show: Insecure
  • Film: RBG

What is your feminist call of action to whoever is reading?

Own your power and own your space. If there is no room at the table make your own damn table


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