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20 Best Feminist Books of 2020

20 Best Feminist Books of 2020

1. Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall

    Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot. This book is not pleasant or pretty, but bold, brave and insightful. Mikki Kendall depicts how feminism has failed to weigh in race, class, sexual orientation and disability. Hood feminism asks how we stand in solidarity as a movement for equality, when the likelihood is that same women are oppressing others.

    2. How to get over a boy by Chidera Eggerue

    From the bestselling author of what a time to be alone, in this new book Chidera Eggerue will show you, once and for all, how to reframe the stale goal of finding a man. She will equip you with tangible and applicable solutions for every part of your dating life, helping you recognise that men hold as much power in our romantic lives as we grant them. In the past, dating books tend to lean more into the territory of 'how to make him find you hot!', 'how to make him jealous!', 'how to get him to propose!'.
    But these how-tos are placing men on a pedestal of being 'the prize'. Men are NEVER the prize. You are.
    Let The Slumflower show you why.

    3.If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

      This novel gives you an insight into Seoul from today. It is about four young women, living in a world in which obtains strict social hierarchies, high beauty standards, moneyed men in secret room salons, and K-pop fan mania. Their lives intertwine to tell an unfamiliar yet universal tale.

      4.A Kick in the Belly by Stella Dadzie

        This is a story about enslaved women who struggled for freedom in the West Indies. Even though they could not record their stories for posterity a lot of their traces could be found.  
        It doesn’t matter on which Caribbean island you look at. You will always find that rank, skin colour, and race are unequally interacting with gender and violence. A kick in the Belly follows footprints and clues to unravel how women played a distinctly female role in the development of a culture of slave resistance.

        5.More Than A Woman by Caitlin Moran

          Caitlin Moran gives us a very funny guide to growing older and a manifesto for change. More Than A Woman celebrates all middle-aged women who keep the world turning. Powerful and brilliant, this book reflects on parenting, middle-at, marriage, existential crises and of course, feminism. 

          6.The Shift: How I (lost And) Found Myself After 40 – and You Can Too by Sam Baker

            This book discusses topics like sex, culture, work, menopause, rage and freedom. Sam Baker shares her experiences of her life post 40 and encourages women to create their own stories. Being forty doesn’t mean you only have bad sleep, hot flashes and begin to wear wide clothes and dye your hair. Now, the time for women north of 40 is here. They have  to reinvent things in their own way and take a leaf out of the millennial handbook.

            7.Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by Helen Lewis

              This is an informative book with a good sense of humour. Difficult Women tells the stories of complicated, contradictory, imperfect women who fought for equal rights. A joy to read, this book is a funny, fearless and sometimes shocking narrative history, exploring how feminism has succeeded and what it should do next.

              8. Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists, the Truth about Extreme Misogyny and how it Affects Us All by Laura Bates

                This groundbreaking and urgent book is about the worldwide extremism nobody wants to talk about. It uncovers the huge misogynist communities and networks.
                You will get unique insights through Interviews with former members of these groups and the people fighting against them on how this movement proceeds. The dark Internet is used to spread their ideas so that they are becoming a part of our collective consciousness. This uncensored book tells the uncomfortable truth about our world and what needs to be changed.

                9. Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde 

                  An essential collection of essays and speeches by Audre Lorde, exploring race, sexuality, poetry, friendship,  feminism, motherhood and the need for female solidarity. Read for necessary truths of today and everyday.

                  10.Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone by Minna Salami

                  Sensuous Knowledge deconstructs the systems of power and privilege, drawing on Africa-centric, feminist-first and artistic traditions in order to rediscover the world afresh. This book is a collection of essays offering insights on how we see ourselves, our history and our world based on power, beauty and knowledge.

                  11. The Body Image Book For Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless by Charlotte Markey

                    Charlotte Markey, body image expert and psychology professor, wants girls aged 9-15 to understand, accept and appreciate their bodies. This book explores puberty, mental health, self-care, why diets are bad news, dealing with social media and everything in between.

                    12. Black Sunday by Tola Rotimi Abraham

                      Black Sundays follows the chaotic fate of one Nigerian family over two decades telling the joyful tale of grace and connection in the midst of daily oppression and the constant incursions of an unremitting patriarchy. “Lush, sharp and shot through with hope”, the family faces political strife, poverty, tradition, separation and the fickleness of fate.

                      13.Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

                      This eye opening book comes highly recommended. Dealing with topics like identity-building, body image and toxic beauty standards in a society in which sexism and misogyny is still a part of everyday life.

                      Women Don’t Owe You Pretty is an accessible leap to feminism which forces you to think about your behavior and pushes you to admit the unpleasant truths. 

                      14. She Will Soar : Bright, brave poems about freedom by women

                      A stunning gift book featuring 130 poems about wanderlust, freedom and escape written by women. With poems from classic, well loved poets as well as innovative and bold modern voices, She Will Soar is a stunning collection and an essential addition to any bookshelf. From the ancient world right up to the present day, it includes poems on wanderlust, travel, daydreams, flights of fancy, escaping into books, tranquillity, courage, hope and resilience

                      15. Too Much: How Victorian Constraints Still Bind Women Today by Rachel Vorona Cote

                          A unique autobiography exploring how morality, duty, decorum, beauty, happiness and whatever else the patriarchy is selling corsets women’s bodies, souls and sexualities. Corona Cote delivers complex ideas and historical parallels in an accessible and engaging manner. 

                           16.Untamed by Glennon Doyle

                            An intimate memoir by Glennon Doyle, this New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller tells the story of personal development, reclaiming your true self and trusting your boundaries. This inspiring book shows and reminds us how to be brave.

                            17. The Feminist Quiz Book by Laura Brown

                              Test your knowledge of the women your teachers forgot about and delve into the eye opening and wildly interesting history of these unmentioned trailblazers. A non-fiction engaging and fun book to brush up on feminist history.

                              18. Lost, Found, Remembered by Lyra McKee

                                A memorial anthology of Lyra McKee, the Northern Irish journalist who was murdered in Derry in April 2019, aged just 29. The unforgettable and formidable investigative journalist lives on through her intellectual, political and radically humane engagement with the world. This book brings together unpublished work as well as her celebrated and lesser-known articles.

                                19. Coming Undone: A Memoir by Terri White

                                  Coming Undone tells Terri White’s story of outer success and inner turmoil as she fought with her traumatic past of poverty and sexual and physical abuse. Meant to be living the dream, winning awards and praise; she was rapidly skidding towards a psychiatric ward.

                                  20. Home Body by Rupi Kaur

                                  Rupi Kaur, Sunday Times Bestselling author, delivers her third poetry book. This series of poems embrace the driving need for change and growth, reflecting on the past, the present and the potential of the self.

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