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Noise: A Manifesto by Danusia Malina-Derben

Part manifesto, part memoir, part guide; this book unflinchingly flips conventional thinking surrounding motherhood on its head.

From Danusia Malina-Derben, mother of 10, entrepreneur, thought leader, and critically acclaimed podcast host - this is a long-awaited, no-holds-barred book on why our current thinking about modern motherhood is overdue a radical overhaul.

On the one hand, this book is about being a mother, but it's also about how, once we become mothers, we're not allowed to be ourselves. NOISE is a powerful dismantling of the barriers and central tenets that hold women back.

This manifesto was built to start a conversation; it's a call-to-arms to get ideas flowing through our communities, and an invitation to think differently about what we're repeatedly told about motherhood. An intimate, bold blend of memoir, thought-leadership and research, Danusia provocatively reframes the NOISE around motherhood and repositions mothers as the social change agents our world desperately needs.