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Let's talk feminism - 1 hour

Of course I have no problem debating feminism with you. 

We can use this hour however you see fit.  You can ask me my expert opinion and I can signpost you to the research, the data, the books and explain the reasoning behind my postures or go deeper on topics you are not that familiar with. 

You might rather use it to explain to me why you think I am wrong and why feminism is the worst thing ever and how I, personally, and the movement are ruining things for everyone and specifically you. 

We can talk about what exactly is that makes you uncomfortable or scared, we can explore together what are the things that make you go to "flight or fight" when presenting these debates.

This is your time to explore feminism with me. Just not for free, because this is a consultancy session and, as a feminist act, I protect my time, my energy and my expertise. 


Once you buy the session I will be in touch with a link for you to book the date and time.