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Amazing Disgrace: A Book About "Shame"

An outpouring of truth, wit, and beautiful comedic wisdom from the hilarious and laudably liberated Grace Campbell. I loved it.'-Katherine Ryan 'Grace has written such a funny and interesting book, partly because she has a unique perspective of the world, but mostly because of her own brilliant mind.'-Sara Pascoe'This book is hilarious, Grace is a bloody badass, finally my vagina has a voice!'-London Hughes 'This book is revolutionary. It's powerful, bold, vulnerable, beautiful, hilarious, universal, unique.'-Scarlett Curtis 'Furiously funny, gloriously frank...For a book about shame, Grace is unashamedly herself.'-Amelia DimoldenbergFor as long as she can remember, Grace Campbell has been told that she doesn't suit her name. But being graceful is no fun anyway. Growing up in a world of privilege and politics, she had a lot to feel confident about. But she was also a record-breaker when it came to feeling shame. Shame about sex, shame about rejection, shame about mental health. But over time, and with a 24 carat gold dose of female friendship, Grace has turned shame into a defiant sense of self. At only 26, Grace has got a lot to learn about being an adult, but she's already got a lot to share about being a disgrace, and how she came to be utterly, disgustingly, disgracefully proud of it. It's the book every young woman should read, and every young man should worry about.