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Unapologetic Feminist

The results are in!

You will use the F word to describe you, of course you are feminist, a vocal one, shouldn’t we all be? You are used to seeing those everyday sexisms and avoid them when you can, you educate yourself and try to teach yourself how not to let gender stereotypes play a role in your life or in the way you affect other people’s lives because you are very aware of how much happier and how much fairer world would be without those narrow narratives.

A wee note from The Feminist Shop

What can we say, except that we hear you, we see you and we are you!

We too frawn many times a day and seem to make a lot of "innocent" conversations into feminist dissertations. We also smile when we see someone standing up and clearing wrongs and we too like to keep learning and growing. It is a journey for all of us after all!

We want to keep fuelling your feminism, we want to make your life easier by having everything in one destination, so you can find and share and use all the resources that we have to offer. We want to help
you to keep changing the world and we hope we are the brand that makes you feel at home!

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What is Next?

We all have different ways to say things some of us are shouters some of us are whisperers, but let's recognise each other as part of the same team and realise that together, we are unstoppable!

We are confident that there are enough conversation-starting clothes, gifts, resources, books and materials on the website to keep you hooked, challenged and inspired (not that you need more, you unapologetic feminist you, but we feel that you want to!)

Keep on spreading the F word x