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What do you do with it all? With that feeling of injustice, and that hope, and the vision of a feminist world that arrives already late. What do you do with that urge to change things ASAP?

Well, we have some ideas!

- Have a look at the associations. They are amazing, collaborate with them, donate if you can, or follow them on social media. Be an amplifier for them so their mission can reach more people and they can have more impact. We are adding more partner associations to make sure the 10% of our share profits touch different causes and we can showcase more amazing jobs. If there is any association that you would like featured let us know and we will contact them!

- Have a look at the petitions to sign. It doesn’t take much time and it sends a clear message to the law makers, to the market, to the businesses. It also sends all the right vibes to the person who created the petition in the first place and the strength to keep fighting while feeling supported. We will be showcasing the ones that we have already signed and hopefully you will join us, and why not create your own if there is something you think it deserves the attention? Send it to us and we will make sure that we share it too! 

- Follow the right people in social media, internet is amazing to connect with each other, to amplify the message, to feed information and spread the F word. Use your power to influence other people and do it with a purpose! Remember that we have a great selection in our recommendations 

- Have the uncomfortable talk. Stop the misogynist joke, reply in the WhatsApp group or in the Facebook comment why you don´t find it funny and let them be aware of how damaging it is. Raise your voice for those who can’t or won’t, and do it proudly, 

- Speak about it, with the people that don’t understand it, have the discussion not to win, but to educate. A lot of people haven’t been in front of the right information or haven’t dedicated enough time to understand it all, send them here where they will be spoilt for choice!

- Be aware of how you treat women, of how you treat girls and boys. Our bias are not conscious, but ask yourself if you would say it or do it to a boy, if you would do the same to a woman…It takes a bit of time to challenge your instinct, but is addictive and powerful! 

- Stop buying in companies that go against your values, use your wallet power, you have a say and money is the only language markets speak.

- Wear your activism! we have a large selection of ethical products to help you make a statement about what you stand for. To get people asking you questions and give you the opportunity to have those important talks, to remind you that you are part of something bigger

- In general, be the ambassador of feminism that people want to stand behind. You have your unique way and every voice matter, because feminism is all of us