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Positive Feminist

The results are in!

You are all about the empowerment that feminism brings, about women supporting women and having positive role models, about more representation of women in parliament and company boards.

You want men to feel more comfortable with their so-called feminine traits so they can have a richer life. It Is about choices, let’s broaden the choices for everyone to give them their best chance.

A wee note from The Feminist Shop

We think that you are right to believe that we can’t afford a world where we are silencing half of the talent and we too see feminism as the solution to help that talent flourish.

Feminism is about sisterhood, support and freedom as well! It is also about celebrating the victories!

We too feel excited about women pioneering new arenas, and we too celebrate their successes because we know that it's a step in the right direction for the whole society!

We too believe in doing our small part to change things. The importance of what it is in our control.

We have a lot of thought provoking books, free content and resources for you to get inspiration on what to watch, read or listen next and our ethical products that are statement makers and conversation starters.

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What is Next?

We all have different ways to say things some of us are shouters some of us are whisperers, but let's recognise each other as part of the same team and realise that together, we are unstoppable! We believe that it is a journey, and we know from experience that we are not the same feminists now that we were before starting this adventure, or even before that.

We are confident that there are enough conversation-starting clothes, gifts, resources, books and materials on the website to keep you hooked, challenged and inspired.

If you're keen for more content read/watch/listen to a lot more about feminism here.

Otherwise, keep on spreading the beautiful F word x