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Not a Feminist (Yet)!

The results are in!

It's not that you don’t believe in equality between genders (we hope!) but you are convinced that we already have it, so that makes feminism unnecessary and counterproductive as it is creating problems that don’t really exist.

You think the differences exist because women and men are different and we can’t fight nature

A wee note from The Feminist Shop

Well, we understand that there is a lot of missinformation around feminism and that the word and the movement itself still carries a lot of stigma. It makes sense! when something challenges the status quo there is always a rejection.

You might be doubting that we need it at all, but we know we do! and all the science, organisations, statistics, experiments and data show that being a woman today is still very different from being a man and it is much more a result of nurture than nature. (I wrote a book about it that I can't recommend you enough!)

We invite you to keep checking on our website to find out more about what feminism is, what it has achieved so far, and what it is yet to achieve. We also highlight some real problems that society is facing because of gender stereotypes.

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Check below for our recommendations for you. Books, products and articles that will hopefully challenge your current feelings about Feminism.

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Articles to get you thinking

You're not a feminist yet, take a look at a couple of the below articles to learn more..,

What is Next?

That is up to you!

We want to make clear that we celebrate every feminist, and we don't even lose hope with the not feminist (yet!) ones. We believe that it is a journey, and we know for experience that we are not the same feminists now that we were before starting this adventure, or even before that. Indeed, as I confessed in the blog  I didn't get feminism either and here I am!

We all have different ways to say things - some of us are shouters some of us are whisperers, but let's recognise each other as part of the same team and realise that together, we are unstoppable!

We encourage you to use the the website - we are confident that there are enough conversation-starting clothes, gifts, resources, books and materials in the website to help you make peace with the F* word! Also, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a chat or discussion about feminism, we're always delighted to debate x

If you're still not sure where you fit in, you can read/watch/listen to a lot more about feminism here or...