Practical stuff

It depends on where you are, but our products get produced in 2 to 5 working days, and then get shipped directly to you.

You can find out more in our Shipping Policy

We do! We are based in the UK but we deliver daily throughout the world. We have fully tracked and standard options and free delivery available to the UK, EU and USA for all qualifying orders.

Have a look at our Shipping Policy for more details.

We truly love our products and we hope you do too, but if that is not the case please contact us and we will guide you through the returns process.

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Ethical Stuff

For our apparel, the primary manufacturing facility is a vertically integrated garment factory in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

The bottles of water and the mugs are produced in China, in a factory that meets our ethical standards.

Everything is printed in England always using Vegan ink where possible.

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We are business, an ethical business, and our goal is to earn enough money to sustain our family so we don't have to put our time and skills into much less ethical jobs.

We are committed to donate 50% of our profits to our partner associations but as most start ups we are not profitable yet. In the meantime we are donating a percentage of each sale. Every purchase you make has an impact.

We like to address the feminist cause from different angles.

- We want to educate, through information and recommendations to stop the missunderstandings and ignorance around the topic.

- We want to challenge the perceptions, the attitudes, for us Feminism is not controversial, it is something we wear as a badge of honour.

- We want people to action it, to make small acts that have an impact

- We are committed to donate 50% of our profits, but as most start ups we are not profitable yet. In the meantime we are donating a percentage of each sale (even if the business is at a loss overall) with our amazing partners so all your purchases have an impact.

- We want to empower, through our products, so you can make an statement and start a conversation. We like to think about it as wearable activism and we believe that every t-shirt we sell, every penny we donate and every conversation start is a small boost for the feminist cause.