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Apologetic Feminist

The results are in!

You are a feminist, of course, but you would feel much more comfortable if feminism didn’t have so many voices. Some much more aggressive than yours, some just purely against what you believe.

You are all about gender equality but also a bit concerned about the stigma of the word and being associated with it so you almost always end up justifying yourself.

A wee note from The Feminist Shop

We believe every person is different, and their way to understand and fight, even for the same cause, is not always necessarily the same.

We also believe that we are all under construction and what we think now might not be the same after having a certain experience or having studied
about it. We are all a work in progress and it is so exciting to be able to have challenging discussions from a place of acceptance that we are all in the same team.

We encourage you to own your feminism, without apologies, to deeply believe in a world with fewer gender stereotypes, and to keep finding out why it is so important, what small tweaks we can all do and how we can move forward building something better.

We have plenty of amazing content and recommendations for you online in our curated content section, split by topics, so you can get many ideas of what to listen, watch or read next. Also, our blog is full of interesting content and interviews!

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Check below for our recommendations for you. Books, products and articles that will hopefully make you more comfortable about your own feminism.

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Below are our favourite items for all those who don't feel quite comfortable about the F*word...

Articles to get you thinking

Take a look at a couple of the below articles and see if they resonate!

What is Next?

We celebrate every feminist. We believe that it is a journey, and we know from experience that we are not the same feminists now that we were before starting this adventure, or even before that. Indeed, as I confessed in the blog... I actually didn't get feminism before.

We all have different ways to say things - some of us are shouters some of us are whisperers, but let's recognise each other as part of the same team and realise that together, we are unstoppable!

We encourage you to use the the website - we are confident that there are enough conversation-starting clothes, gifts, resources, books and materials in the website to keep you feministing and keep spreading the F* word! Also, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a chat about feminism, we're always delighted to hear from the team! x