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Angry Feminist

The results are in!

You probably read this and smiled. We get it and we love it! Why do people keep hanging with you and act surprised when you are talking about feminism, again???

You don’t even feel insulted when people tell you that you are angry, what is there not to be angry about?

A wee note from The Feminist Shop

We know how it feels! Every time you hear people ranting about how feminism is picking tiny
battles you just wished they understood that what they are seeing as small things are the consequences and the symptoms of a patriarchal society that has its fingers everywhere.

We agree with you that we need to fix things from the roots, and awareness is key.

We want to boost that anger, that proactive anger that becomes actions, that spreads the F word, that transforms the way you act and the impact you have around you.

Because we know that anger is powerful when it is used in the right way! It was anger about businesses not being ethical and sticking slogans on cheap tshirts, and anger about the stigma and lack of understanding about feminism what made us create this brand!

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Check below for our recommendations for you. Books, products and articles that we think you will love!

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We think these are perfect for you!

Below are our favourite items for all you beautifully angry feminists out there...

Articles to get you thinking

Take a look at a couple of the below articles and see if they resonate!

What is Next?

We all have different ways to say things some of us are shouters some of us are whisperers, but let's recognise each other as part of the same team and realise that together, we are unstoppable!

We are confident that there is enough information, resources, books and materials on the website to keep you hooked, challenged and inspired (not that you need more, you angry feminist you, but we feel that you want to!)

Keep on spreading the F word x