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Phenomenal Women

"On a street wall, there's a saying. Wage war against wars!" For me. as a scientist arid engineer, it is my moral and ethical responsibility to use my talents for the good of humanity not to make weapons or further violence. I pledge to wage war against violence, against destruction. 1 pledge to make peace, to help this world! Thank you"

Raquel Hosein - Scientist and engineer, New York City -7 March 2015

Women's Rights: Past, Present, and Future, was the theme for /WD 2012 as we continued to commemorate the achievements made by women over the past one hundred years, celebrated the work of women today, and looked forward to the future and to a new generation of committed feminists.

Margaret Ward- Historian and political activists -7 January 2021

"It was a great honour for me to meet Angela Davis at Queen's University in 2017 and to read a poem for her at the celebratory dinner afterward.

Sinead Morrissey- Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University- 5 March 2021

*Changing the agenda is much needed and long overdue.

Eleanor McAvoy - singer-songwriter - 8th March 2021

'It (this book) maps the early days of Reclaim the Agenda. From the march and rally to the research-backed by campaigns and cultural events. It identifies the international solidarity with women, all over the world and engaged with similar struggles, as well as those who came here to talk to us and inspire us.

Dawn Purvis - Political activist - 17 March 2021

'In recent times we have heard a lot about all being in the same storm. While this is true it is clear we are definitely not all in the same boat. As we emerge from this turbulent period in history we have to lift each other up, be the supportive hand on another woman's back, and resist going back to what is described as normal."

Amanda Ferguson - Journalist - 26 July 2021