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Kids Superhero T Shirt -Super Mika!

Premium quality organic kids T-shirt with the empowering design of Super Mika and the slogan “Ask me about my superpowers” which invites adults to have more creative and empowering conversations, outside stereotypes, and allows kids to be openly proud of being themselves!

  • Soft Feel
  • Kids
  • 100% Organic Ringspun Combed Cotton
  • Sleeve hem and bottom hem with narrow double topstitch.

Change the world for your kids in the most environmentally friendly way:

  • Fair Wear & Organic Textile Standards Approved
  • Peta Vegan Clothing


WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IS MIKA? Check the bilingual book for kids that challenges gender stereotypes!


We aim to donate 50% of our profits to our partner associations, but as is the reality for most start ups, we are not quite profitable yet. In the meantime we are committed to donating 10% of sales, making sure that every purchase you make has an immediate impact.


 At The Feminist Shop, we want to be the brand that gives you a community, that challenges your beliefs and invites you to think further or differently, we want to encourage you to start conversations, to educate others, to understand more and action it, to make the most of your feminism so you have more impact, we want you to feel part of something bigger than yourself but to do it in your unique way. We want to help feminism to change the world.  Is that too much to ask for?