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Sex Education | Why to Watch It and Why We Look Forward to Season 3

Sex Education | Why to Watch It and Why We Look Forward to Season 3

We have just finished watching the recently released second season of Sex Education (on Netflix) and there are so many things that made us love and recommend the show! We're sharing our top 5 here in a spoiler free list.

1. It is diverse.

It is the most diverse mainstream TV show we have seen recently. Not only in relation to gender or race but ableism, sexual orientation, social class and more... Also, they are all human because you can be a bad person in a wheelchair or a rich kid with a sick parent. The characters show that everyone is complicated - there is not such a thing of being only heroes or only villains. How refreshing is that for a change eh?

sex education

2. It talks about serious stuff.

This TV show tackles bullying, sex assault, trauma, abortion, drugs... as well as a lot of sexual problems and issues that teenagers and adults really go through. We have all been teenagers, and some of us have been or will be parents to teenagers soon; Sex Education feels a bit like a real-life instruction manual to teenager reality in 2020. It is cringing to watch sometimes, but isn't that the same with real life?

3. It celebrates the bizarre.

The characters are all full of lovable weirdness, they are not perfect, not a single one of them. They are not necessarily believable either, but their flaws and extremes are both celebrated and highlighted. And we can all see a parody of our own quirkiness in the characters. There is something really nice in loving the extreme parody in a character of the same things that you might not like in yourself.

sex education

4. It challenges all the stereotypes.

We know some people wonder if the creators of Sex Education are trying too hard, but we would say no! It's fantastic to see all the ways that the creators tried to challenge the norms and the reactions of some people only a confirm how deeply rooted the contrary is.

We wouldn't blink an eye if the big boss character was a white man, but when it is a black woman we see the blackness and we see the gender. Is it on purpose, of course, it is, but very rightly so! Every time a viewer has realised how intentional and purposeful the diverse representation on the show is, it has hopefully added an extra 2 seconds to be amazed about how bad the rest of television is AND how they wouldn't have even noticed if the race or gender were the "neutral" one.

It might also be perceived as "too much" of their obviously intentional visibility to different sexual orientations, but once again, hell yes for that! Most couples in Sex Education are heterosexual, but because they have more than just a token gay couple, it suddenly feels like there are everywhere! Good food for thought right? How is it that we only perceive the "other" sexualities represented and still the hetero relationships (the majority in the show) come across as neutral, we don't even see them?

5. It is fun

On top of all of that goodness, Sex Education is pleasant to watch. All the social learning that comes from it is not imposed or forced down the audience's throat. It is a genuinely easy, teenager-y, fun show. And it's perfect to watch to disconnect at the end of the day, to binge-watch with unhealthy treats in the sofa on a lazy weekend, and or any other time you want some Netflix time as a bit of a guilty pleasure. 

So what we want for season 3 (and we would be surprised if the creator's don't deliver) is some transgender visibility, more empowering sisterhood moments, and even more taboos being spoken about loudly and clearly. 

sex education 3


Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts around the show Sex Education? 

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