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Interview with Pink Bits!

Interview with Pink Bits!

Since the very first time we saw her illustrations we fell in love with Pink Bits. Her Instagram feed is full of visual activism. She shouts about the beauty of those things that society tells us that are wrong. She draws beautiful normality in her unique and colourful way and uses her art to speak about what she believes in: a  world free of stigma! Female masturbation, stretch marks, period pain, body hair, visibility and diversity, different sizes, different body abilities. Empowering everyone in a truly intersectional way.

Pink Bits Feminist Art

So you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to collaborate with for a new product collection using The Feminist Shop F! We were over the moon when she sent different (all amazing) ideas under the concept of intersectional feminism and how it's the only true form of feminism. In her own words "Creatively, this option takes a gridded and sectional approach, playing on the word of ‘inter-SECTION’al’. Various elements will be used to convey the various facets and in the intersections of feminism. The ‘F’ format, will guide these sections & geometric shapes.

The one we chose is "made up of multiple elements inspired by equality marches, activism and verbal power." Our vision here at TFS is based on the power of conversations to change the world, so we thought it was the perfect match!


We interviewed her so you can read more about who she is and her feminist journey!

Who is Pink Bits?

Pink Bits is an illustration project I started back in 2016. 

Pink Bits is inspired by and celebrates people & bodies in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we've been told to hide, this goes from the physical to the non-physical parts of ourselves and our society. 

Your art is really inclusive, feminist and empowering. You enhance the stigmatised aspects of society and make them into something to celebrate. Has your art always been like it and if not, how was the journey to get you there?

Thank you! My art has definitely been developing as my own unlearning ensued, as my feminism grew and as I listened to and learned from more voices and experiences of others. 

What is the biggest impact of what you do?

When I receive deeply personal and warm messages from individuals, who share how my art has impacted them, how it makes them feel seen and how it’s empowered them - those messages mean everything.

Is this the dream or is there a next step that you want to go for? what is the ultimate goal?

I would love to reach a stage where I’m working on Pink Bits artwork full time and have my art in people’s homes and lives, so they always feel seen & celebrated.

I would love to keep drawing as many people as I can and represent as many wonderful people as I possible through my art. I want to keep disrupting digital and physical spaces and challenging patriarchal bullshit. 

 Feminist Art by Pink Bits



And of course, our standard feminist questionnaire!

What is Feminism for you?

Feminism is looking at & challenging all the ways in which inequality, biased experiences and presumptions are made towards someone based on their gender, but also many intersecting factors e.g. race, social, sexuality, ability, and much more.

Which “everyday sexism” really bothers you?

I despise being spoken at or explained-to when I haven’t asked for clarification - it’s always something I’m familiar with or something very simple too.

Do you remember when you start identifying as a Feminist and why?

Finding feminism came alongside creating body & fat positive illustrations and was a powerful journey for me. 

Whilst I was illustrating, I was challenging many of the sexist lessons, expectations and Eurocentric ’beauty standard’ lessons I was taught growing up. 
Whilst I was drawing as many people as I could, I was learning about the breadth of experiences people had in the failure of equality and the patriarchal + white supremacist bullshit they had been exposed to and unwantedly affected by. It taught me that the world needs feminism and we still have so much further to go.


Who is your biggest feminist role model?

  • Rachel Cargle
  • Florence Given
  • Ericka Hart
  • Clementine Ford

What is your favourite Feminist quote?

At the moment it’s: “I don’t want your love and light, if it doesn’t come with solidarity andaction by Rachel Cargle 

What is your proud feminist victory?

It’s a bit of a cliche, but a proud personal victory involves the unlearning of patriarchal standards imposed on my body hair. Body hair governed my life and confidence for the first 20+ years of my life.
It truly is a victory, that I am now in a place where I have unlearned the shame around body hair, and am free. 

What is your feminist recommendation? 

  • Book: The Book of Bitch by Aillie Banks
  • Tv show: Fleabag
  • Film: Lady Bird

What is your feminist call of action to whoever is reading?

Listen to the experiences of others, and especially the experiences of those outside of your bubble and outside your possible realm of experience.

Show up and do the work, both internally and externally. Do the work at your dinner table, do the work online, do the work by physically showing up.


That is a bit more of her make sure you follow her and check the her amazing Pink Bits Collection for The Feminist Shop 





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May 21, 2020

Yay for body positive art, going to give her a follow right now!

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