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Today we are interviewing Hannah Wilson, Tedx Speaker, Co-Founder of #WomenEd, Founder of #DiverseEd and LeaninGirlsUk andCo-Host of the #FastForwardDiversityInclusion webcast...and that is just in her free time!
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Chandana Hiram shares her views on being a dark-skin woman in India. Her reflections on the power of media and why she decided to do something about it. Her petition in asking the company "fair and lovely" owned by unilever to change her name and strategy is making a massive impact.

We interview Chandana Hiram, the young woman behind the petition that has put the brand "fair and lovely" owned by Unilever in a very uncomfortable position. With over 33 thousand signatures so far she is demanding a less racist approach to beauty in India.

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I think it is fair to ask ourselves how we expect girls to not fall into that trap when we constantly praise them for their physical appearance. How can we expect them to believe us when we say that "what really matters is what's on the inside" when they are bombarded by unrealistic beauty expectations and surrounded by adults talking about dieting, calories and sizes? 
What is privilege? Do I have it? Can I even give it up? We explore more what privilege is and how accepting it, and being responsible about it is something essential to move forward.
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Things get ugly, really quickly in the internet. 

When we created The Feminist Shop, our main focus was to celebrate what we have in common rather than focus on our differences. And we stand by it. We can't insult each other on the name of feminism, we owe better to a movement that is about fairness.

If you go to Amanda's Instagram feed you will get your daily dose of colour, fun and optimism. Somehow she has managed to bottle the best of the summer vibes! So we were over the moon when she accepted to do our July collection.
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Today we are interviewing Carlotta Gamondo, whose design got so many compliments that despise not winning we couldn't stop ourselves from printing it! Outspoken and loud words to wear unapologetically! 
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Today we interview Ana Sampson, poetry anthologist, books publicist, feminist and passionate about women's voices. Read to find out more about her feminism and her book "She is Fierce" a big favourite of the website.
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In a world with different oppressions that not only add up but multiply each other, we can't compromise with just our battle. We need to joint efforts for the big war, instead of hurting each other's advances by being focused only on our very own lane.
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Society puts huge pressure on women and motherhood, which ultimately plays a huge role in maternal mental health. How can we change the narrative, fight the stigma?
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Today is International Museum Day. We take the opportunity to assess how women are represented in today's museums and in the history of art in general. Unfortunately, as 'Act Activism Barbie' intelligently shows us, there's a lot of work to be done yet... 
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Writer & Podcast Consultant @ThankfulCow Geek culture blogger. Hufflepuff. Feminist. Vegan...what is not to love about Amanda? Check our interview to learn more about her :) 

Like Star Wars, Feminism is built on rebellion and resistance. And like Star Wars, feminism is a connection with the women who have come before us.

This topic is genuinely fascinating. There are a vast array of opinions about the concept of 'women and children first'. There are distinctly different ways to analyse it and use it for one side of the argument or the other. This definitely makes it worthy of its own blog post.