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Interview with The Profane Feminist!

Interview with The Profane Feminist!

Outspoken, honest, raw, caring, and determined to do as much as she can to change things, you can see all that just from the first look at her twitter account!

I am so extremely happy to share her thoughts on feminism, her role as social media activist and her journey! I always learn so much from these interviews and they do wonders to reactivate my drive to do more, but also they remind me of how amazing this movement is, and how many smart voices it’s  made of!


In your own word, who is the profane feminist?

The title "Profane Feminist" refers to my atheism and my sometimes excessive use of profanity. I think it's vital not to sanitize ourselves, particularly in the field of activism. Intersectional feminism isn't about being demure and waiting to be given equal footing. We have to fight for it and sometimes that gets messy. I'm all about being loud and unapologetically myself while I call attention to inequality.

What is the biggest impact of what you do?

The biggest impact actually occurs on an individual basis. I can't tell you how many women have reached out to me privately to discuss their traumas and seek advice. These are the interactions that mean the most to me. If I can help even just a few people feel validated and in control of their lives, it's all worth it.

What is the the biggest learning you have had since starting your twitter account back in 2017?

I've learned that as much as I'd love to share more about my life, I have to stay private about many things for my own (and my family's) safety. I used to share photos of my husband and now I don't because of the droves of racist trolls and horrible threats I received due to our interracial marriage. I've also learned that Twitter communities are what you make of them. And just like in real life, there can be a lot of toxicity. Which is why it's so important to stick to one's moral compass above all else. If you're just trying to be well-liked, it's easy to lose yourself and become someone you don't even recognize all for the sake of people's approval. That's something I try to avoid at all costs.

What is the unapologetic big ambition behind it?

I was a feminist long before I started a Twitter account, but as queer woman who was raised conservative Catholic there's a force of anger behind my activism. Another key part of my journey was the loss of my cousin to domestic violence. That horrific incident is what prompted me to start the #DoesAnyoneFuckingCare hashtag on Twitter to raise awareness about domestic violence.

And this is the feminist questionnaire identical for everyone

What is Feminism for you?

Feminism is useless if it is not intersectional. Feminism is about equality for all, not just cis white women like me. Feminism is also essential. I don't trust anyone who is against feminism because to be against it is to be against equality.

Which “everyday sexism” really bothers you?

Catcalling. It's not a compliment and honestly scares me because I've been followed home and assaulted before.

Do you remember when you start identifying as a Feminist and why?

I've leaned this way since I was a preteen, but I didn't call myself a feminist until college when I took a life-changing course in which we read a lot of bell hooks. That's when I knew for sure.

Who is your biggest feminist role model?

Roxane Gay. Her works have done so much to mold the woman I am today. Plus her Twitter takedowns are something to be aspired to!

What is your favourite Feminist quote?

“I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's ignorance.”― bell hooks

What is your proud feminist victory?

That lies in private messages in which women told me I have given them strength and helped motivate them to take a big step in their lives. For instance, after #DoesAnyoneFuckingCare took off, a woman messaged me to let me know I helped motivate her to come out and talk about her abusive ex-husband and try to press charges. Another woman told me I helped motivate her to leave her abusive husband and escape somewhere safe with her child. Stuff like that makes it all worth it.

What is your feminist recommendation?

  • Book: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
  • tv show: Pose
  • Film: Booksmart

What is your feminist call of action to whoever is reading

Never be afraid to continue to grow and educate yourself. No one is the perfect feminist, but we must constantly strive to be better than
we were yesterday.

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