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Interview with Elena Lersch

Interview with Elena Lersch

Elena won our lockdown contest #spreadtheFwordwithart contest. We got amazing entries and people in social media helped us choose! 

We have been waiting until the autumn to launch her collection and we couldn't wait to make it available for everyone! 

To give more sense to the F we are delighted to introduce you to Elena, so you get to know her, her feminist views, her choice of association and more!


Who is Elena Lersch?

I’m a ‘little creative soul making its way through this world’, that sounded strange, well, I’m a 25 y/o photographer, artist, obsessed with earth tones, natural light and anthropology (the study, not the clothing brand), which makes me question a lot about our society.
 I’m also a daughter, a mother to three, a wife, and a feminist.

What does your F represent?

My drawing was inspired by the quote ‘’My favorite season is the fall of patriarchy’’, something I’m looking forward too. I used earth tones to stay within my style, and wanted to represent a new season, going from darker to a lighter surface, where we can  finally see some light, after all the work.

Why did you choose AWN Network association as the one linked with your collection and how is it a feminist issue?

They are calledAutistic Women & Nonbinary Network’ and are just that. Believers that neurodiversity is for everyone, not just males. Through all of the history Women’s symptoms were always ignored and their health problems under-researched, this is not different in psychology.
I’m very happy that this kind of organizations exist now, where we are provided with a sense of community, support, and resources for Autistic women, girls, nonbinary people, and all other marginalized genders.

Specially their most recent initiative called ‘’DIVERGENT’’ will make you understand the connection, and why it’s a feminist issue. This initiative is run exclusively by disabled women of varying identities and disabilities, and will work to change how disabled women are commonly perceived within society while challenging the myths of our inferiority, both as women and as disabled people.

Note: Elena did this interview speaking about feminism and autism for us. Check it out here

What are you up to now and how can people follow you/ find out more?

Right now I’m working on a new instagram page ( @myearthpallette ), where I’m showcasing  some of my last paintings, all made on sustainable artisan paper and  using sustainable and artisan watercolors, you are welcome to join the page. My day-to-day account is @elenalersch , there I post mostly pictures of places and my  beautiful family.

What is Feminism for you?

Above all the Wikipedia explanations of ‘’what Feminism is’’, I will say, it’s my safe space. It’s the space where I find sorority from sisters I have never met, It’s a space where I see all the cultural history our ancestors fought for, and it’s a space where I see the future, all in one.

Which “everyday sexism” really bothers you?

I hate how we are expected to do it all, without complaining, just enduring and going on with it. If my home is a mess for example, (because yeah, let’s please normalise mess when you got small kids), nobody will look at my husband but everybody will roll their eyes on me, because I do not manage to do it all perfect as a ‘’good woman should’’. And it doesn’t matter if you are an amazing mother, or you also have to go to work, all the things you do, they don’t matter anymore, because you failed at one, which should be ‘’natural’’ to you.

Do you remember when you start identifying as a Feminist and why?

I proudly started identifying as a Feminist once my first daughter was born, that’s only three years ago, but the truth is I have always been. I always went against the misogyny I saw since I was a child and growing up, and I was always against the idea of settling into that shape society wanted me to be

Who is your biggest feminist role model?

I do not have one role model, but I have many many women around me that inspire me daily, many women I have read and are amazing, and one of them is you Virginia!

What is your favourite Feminist quote?

My favourite season is the fall of patriarchy,of course.

What is your proud feminist victory?

To be able to see the strength of women. The fact that I love myself and accept my body and mind, just the way they are. Teaching my children, specially my daughter that they can always say NO!, that her/our voice matters.


What is your feminist recommendation?

  • Book:I think ‘’A room of one’s own’’ by Virginia Wolf is always a good read to start with.
  • tv show:Euphoria & the handmaid’s Tale are great.
  • Film:Should not recommend it yet, as I haven’t seen it myself but, MULÁN! Also I have Heard beautiful comments from the movie ‘’Little women’’

What is your feminist call of action to whoever is Reading

Lately I was thinking about, Why are mammograms still so painful? Pretty sure no doctor would ever do that to screen them testicle.
I think everybody should start listening to women, specially in all the medical fields, because they are clearly still ignoring us.

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