7 Ideas for Feminist New Year's Resolutions

Pen and paper ready? We always start with the obvious, right? Be healthier, do more sport, quit that annoying habit, rest... but why not also add some feminist new year's resolutions, even if just one, to the goal list? Below are some ideas if you're looking for  inspiration.


Check your own privileges

Are you cis? Are you white? Are you body able? Are you slim? Are you financially stable? Are you heterosexual? Are you male? Are you binary? We need to understand the privilege structure to understand when we need to use our own privileges to be better allies for those that need it. We need to be self-aware and to push harder for a society with real equality of rights and opportunities.

That means giving a voice to people that need to be listened to, letting them lead their fight and then joining and supporting them when you can help make a difference. 


Remember that privilege is not what people give you for who you are, it's what people take away from others that they don't take away from you.

Talk about periods!

A big chunk of the population have periods, yet talking about it produces all sorts of uncomfortable looks and awkward silences. Nobody cringes when hearing about a headache, nobody would pass a Kleenex to a colleague as if it were highly illegal and immoral drugs, but asking for a Tampax is still nowadays like a big secret mission.

Lets normalise periods, talk about them, invite people to ask questions if needed, get more information about hormones, and how they affect us and let's build a safer place for the next generation to live that part of their life without shame or secrecy.

There are also a lot of great associations and people raising the volume about period poverty. We collaborate with Homeless Period Belfast, our local one, but check what is close to you and see if it is something you would like to get involved in. 

Love yourself more.

We need to make the first step in the direction of the change that we want to see in the world. We need to be kinder with ourselves and do that by demanding what we deserve, fighting for what we want and breaking out of the boxes that have been defined for us. Wanting our voices heard and our opinion listened to is not entitlement, it is merely self respect. And only from that place, having made peace with ourselves and understanding where those limitations come from, can we can push harder to get things changed!



Stop applying gender differences

Would you say it to a boy? Would you say it to a woman? Let's stop 2 seconds before making a statement or comment about somebody and see how much we are letting gender play a part in how we treat them, what we expect from them.


All the small things, the small remarks, the small differences and micro-misogynisms have a massive impact when added up, so bonus points if after those 2 seconds where you challenge yourself before saying something, you do the extra exercise of analysing which message it is reaffirming, and what are the consequences when repeated constantly by the society as a whole...


Support more women

Watch films with female main characters, written by women, directed by women. Read books written by them, showing their complexities and realities. Listen to their music, go and see them on concerts, buy from their businesses, go to their sport matches. We, as a market, have a massive say and putting our money into women's lead art, sports, entertainment and businesses means not only that women's voices and experiences get much more visibility, but also that the economy starts leaning more and more in that direction.

It doesn't mean that you have to forbid anything male produced, but the first step is analysing who you are supporting with the decisions about your time and money (is it mostly already rich white males?) and see if you can choose a feminist option instead. I promise there are lots of amazing women producing amazing things despite the lack of VC, media and public support so won't be hard to find cool things around!

Normalise  breastfeeding

Being a mum is tough, with or without breastfeeding. It is full of judgement, of guilt and expectations. Normalising breastfeeding would make that journey much easier, not only for the the ones that choose to breastfeed, but also for the ones that couldn't or simply decided that they wouldn't.

The fact that every choice a woman makes about her body ends up being a cause of debate it is something we need to eradicate asap. Let's trust women, let's give them all the information they need and support them to make their own choices and let's move on with our own boobs or lack of them as if nothing had happened.


We collaborate with Breastival, in Belfast, but I am sure there are lots of local organisations doing an amazing job in supporting and celebrating breastfeeding if you want to be part of it. 


Spread the F word

We need to have more conversations, we need to keep challenging people's prejudices about what feminism is.

Maybe you don't know enough about it and are just tip-toeing in here. We're still learning so we know there is lot to learn (and unlearn!) and it is an exciting journey! But we also understand if some of you are tired explaining what feminism is and can't be bothered to have the same arguments over and over, don't worry, we hope to have enough content and recommendations (and we are always adding more) to make it easy for you by just sending them here so you can use your valuable time feministing in a different way. That is why feminism needs all of us, in our different journeys to fight the stigma.

We know it is probably naive, but we genuinely believe that if people really took the time to inform themselves, they would soon all be rowing side by side with us!


Well, definitely lots to add to the list, maybe between "being more active" and "let go toxic of people". Our only resolution as a website is to be the automatic place you go to, and send people to, for your feminist needs! We can't wait for a full year of hard work to make it happen :)


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